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Books by Brooke Lee: 4 books, 83 ratings (average 4.65)

I Am ShelbyJames
by Brooke Lee (Goodreads Author)
 4.51 avg rating — 43 ratings — added by 91 people

” I am ShelbyJames is the debut novel for a new author, Brooke Lee. If you are looking for Erotica – this is the book for you!! Talk about intense sexual scenes, you get some girl on girl action, a ména …more ” — Lisa Graziano

” Great praise to the author on a brilliant debut novel. I read this in one sitting as it was so good.
Shelby is a poet who works in an office. She comes across as insecure and doesn’t have much faith in
 …more ” — Philomena Callan Cheekypee 

” Shelby is an aspiring artist. She writes poetry, but until that becomes her paid profession, she works in an office. Her best friend Roni has seen Shelby both at her best and worst. They are each othe …more ” — Theresa Martin

” I Am Shelby James (Beauty in the Darkness) by Brooke Lee. A well written story by first time author. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the story by the author. This was a story about a young …more ” — Lita Thomas

really liked it
” Shelby James is on a journey of discovery…discovery of love, happiness, and most importantly herself. She tries to come off as a confident woman, but she doesn’t give herself enough credit. She is ins …more ” — Shannon

” I Am ShelbyJames by Brooke Lee is this authors debut Novel and it is hard to believe that this is her first book. I think she did a wonderful job in developing her characters. Shelby James is trying t …more ” — Tanya Rae ~ TaSTy WordGasms

” I will admit that I am not a big fan of FF books, BUT this book kept my attention. There was just the right amount of details to keep me engaged and not put me off. Shelby James is a artist in her thi …more ” — Dariteone86

” This is a debut book for Brooke Lee. As a debut she did a good job. It is not your average love story. We have Shelby James who feels that her life is lack-luster, from her job, to her love life, to h …more ” — Sabrina

” 4.5 stars
Shelby James is 32 years old and is an artist writing poetry and putting it onto pictures but to pay the bills she works at Mustang Mods. She is best friends with Veronica “Roni” Monroe.
 …more ” — Sassy Southern

i am… The Muse Poet (Beauty in the Darkness, book 2)
by Brooke Lee (Goodreads Author)
 4.86 avg rating — 7 ratings — added by 22 people

” 4.5 stars
This book is a series of poems written by the author as she is writing as one of her characters, Shelby James.

The poems are divided into three sections, each relating to a different stage th …more ” — Sassy Southern

Characters Welcome: an Erotic Authors Guild anthology
by Brooke Lee (Goodreads Author)Susannah Shannon (Goodreads Author)Pablo Michaels (Goodreads Author)Taisha DeMay(Goodreads Author)Muffy Wilson (Goodreads Author)Raven RayneDylan CrossJ. Richards (Goodreads Author) , more…
 4.92 avg rating — 13 ratings — added by 32 people

Reflecting Roni
by Brooke Lee (Goodreads Author)
 4.68 avg rating — 19 ratings — added by 39 people

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