The Beauty in the Darkness Series

Discover the Beauty in the Darkness series
by Brooke Lee

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I Am ShelbyJames,
Beauty in the Darkness book 1
Genre: Erotic Romance
Published: April 1, 2016


I am Shelby James – self-loathing poet and artist, daughter, sister, best friend, and bisexual commitment-phobe. My life has been a lackluster existence. The only constant bright spot in my life my best friend, my soul-mate, Veronica “Roni” Monroe.

For years, I have given into my lust for both men and women, but now, at the age of thirty-two, I realize I need more than just a booty call.
I need more.

While on my search for “more”, I find much more than I bargained for. This time, giving into my urges may destroy everything good in my life.
Follow me on my journey to find my happiness.
To find the real me.
To find the beauty in the darkness.

a Beauty in the Darkness short story, book 1.5
Genre: Erotic Romance/Short Story
Published December 14, 2016

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Shelby James never thought of herself as bisexual, in fact, she never gave her sexuality a second thought. That is until she met Chloe Stone, a beautiful woman with a broken heart. Shelby’s compassion for this sexy stranger and her natural instinct to offer comfort through touch spark a sexual desire she’s never before known.

This one moonlit night in the Florida Keys tips her world on its axis. No longer is Shelby an inexperienced young girl seeing the world through the opinions of others, rather she has opened the door to sensual possibilities beyond her wildest dreams.

Years later, after a chance meeting while on a girls trip, Shelby and Chloe reconnect. The memories of their time together, all of those years ago, resurface in her dreams…Her wet dreams. These erotic memories not only cause her temperature to rise, they also provide a kinky fantasy for her current love, Riley Ford. Reliving the night she had her first taste of Chloe proves to be the best kind of foreplay.


I am… The Muse Poet,
Beauty in the Darkness book 2
Genre: Poetry
Published: July 30, 2016


The Muse Poet is a collection of 74 original poems I’ve written over the course of several years. They reflect my happy moments, lustful desires, deepest secrets and darkest thoughts… these words are the essence of me, they are my soul.

Many of the poems have been inspired by the words of my muse, Shelby James. She is the voice inside of me that puts the words to my emotions. Within these pages you will find some poems that were included in my debut novel, I Am ShelbyJames.
The Muse Poet is book two in the Beauty in the Darkness series.
No matter the journey I’ve taken or the roads I’ve traveled, words have always been my release. They are my truth… my peace… my…Beauty in the Darkness.

Reflecting Roni
Beauty in the Darkness book 3
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Published: May 27, 2017


Bad Choices
Too trusting

These are all words that describe the old me.

The mistakes I made over a decade ago still haunt my subconscious. I’ve tried to keep my past buried, but every time I see the darkness in my best friend Shelby’s eyes, my heart breaks all over again.


These are words that describe me today.

Looking in the mirror, I see a sexy, confident and successful woman reflected back at me. I’ve found a man that not only fulfills my carnal desires, but one who is quickly filling the empty space in my heart. With both Kyle and Shelby by my side, my life is nearly perfect.

Perfect until one of the biggest mistakes of my life strolls back into town, bringing with him all of the darkness from my past.

I am Roni Monroe and this is my story.

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