Getting to know Kyle

Reflecting Roni
Beauty in the Darkness, bk 3
© 2017 Brooke Lee

Chapter 12.5 Kyle

I know my little outburst in the garage scared Roni, but it couldn’t be helped. Listening to what that prick did to her and Shelby was more than I could take. I don’t think I will ever get the images of their story out of my head. As I stand here with my head hanging low over the sink, I struggle to contain the contents of my stomach. The anger is eating me alive, but I have to get a grip.

Riley comes up behind me and places a firm hand on my shoulder. “Hey brother, you ok?”

“Fuck no, I’m anything but ok.” I turn to face him and belt out in a none-to-gentle tone, “How the fuck can you be so calm right now?”

“Kyle, trust me, I’m anything but calm. The only difference between me and you is the way we show or disguise our emotions. You have to get a grip on yourself, man. Roni needs you to understand and accept what happened and move on. If you can’t do that, then you need to leave.”

He’s right and I know that, but I can’t keep this buried. I need to hit something, someone. I need to beat the fuck out of that pansy ass Brad.

“Truthfully, I don’t get it. I don’t understand how she went back to him after the first time. But I will not condemn her for trusting someone.” My adrenaline is so jacked up right now, but I have to get control of myself—my anger. “I won’t let Roni think that I’m judging her or that I blame her for what happened because I don’t. I just need a minute to check myself.”

I run my hands through my long main and pull it back away from my face and twist it into a man bun at the back of my head.

Riley walks away from me and around the bar. “Just make sure you let her know that, brother.”

Reflecting Roni, Beauty in the Darkness, book 3

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