Farewell old Friend
(For Keary)

A part of my heart was shattered today. No, that's not right, it broke all those years ago. Why did we stop talking? It doesn't matter, the point is we did. Today, you would have turned 50. Why were you taken far too young? It doesn't matter, the point is you're gone. My heart aches... Continue Reading →


The cracks are painted over,hiding the damagefrom years of neglect.They should have repaired itlong ago.Instead, they left it to rot.Decaying in the humid air,leaving only a shell of its former self.A mere shadow of what it once was.Strong.Powerful.Resolute.Now… it’s nothing!Dust particles,left in a pile on the sill.Why didn’t you fix it?I wonder.Was the time you... Continue Reading →


Spinning…Recklessly spinning,Out of control. Whose control?Ours! Slipping…Through our fingers,Into the abyss. Why?Apathy? No…Laziness has brought us here,To the brink of collapse. Recovery…Is possible,Through change How? Working together…It’s the only way,To rebuild and unite. Hope…For a better tomorrow,Brought about by unity. ©2020 Brooke Lee

Color Blind

If we were color blind...Would we know the differences in people?Could we see the sameness without predisposition?It's time to erase the color charts.We must eradicate the labels that propagate our differences and celebrate or similarities.These things hold true, We need oxygen to survive. We all bleed red.We are ALL HUMAN.If only we were color blind©2020... Continue Reading →

Fight the good fight

In this time of uncertainty, things are fucked and twisted. We’re at war with a germ, the that has never been listed. People are struggling to deal with the new reality, while others succumb to life’s finality. We heed the warnings, that change every day. One minute there’s Hope and within an hour it fades... Continue Reading →

Unlearned Lessons

Self doubt...It's a cruel bitch.She sneaks in and strangles me.Sucking whatever is good from me.She leaves me a shell of a person.Quivering in my skin,questioning my very existence.Why do I let her torture me?There is no easy answer.Or, maybe there is?I never feel...Good enoughStrong enoughPretty enoughSmart enoughFunny enoughI just dont feel...enoughThat's a lie...I feel too... Continue Reading →


Yellow and blue White and green Colors fading Flowers wilting The water Once fresh and clean Now stinks of rot and decay Gone is the delicate scent of summer © 2019 Brooke Lee

The Man in the Moon

Before the dawn, it was just us. Me and the Man in moon. Together we wait. We wait for the sun to greet the day. We wait for the world to wake. Together we dance. Me in my seat to the music playing in my ear buds. The man in the moon dances in the... Continue Reading →

Chaos of Morning

There's a storm rolling in. It's threatening my sunrise. An angry growl echoes around me, warning me to seek cover. I don't listen. Instead... I walk towards the flashes of light. Into the gusts blowing off the ocean. Looking for my perfect morning. I'm alone on the beach. No one around but me, save a... Continue Reading →


I wish I could capture the beauty that I see, the colors and lights, the flowers and the trees. I wish I could share the beauty with you, the sparkle and shine of the sun, stars and moon. I wish you could see the beauty I do, it would be the purest gift so honest... Continue Reading →

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