Words all used to describe my utopian views.

We are looking for inclusion and yet we focus on diversity.

This seems paradoxical to me.

How can you have true inclusion, if you are focused on differences rather than commonalities?

Shouldn’t we start from a place of sameness?

Maybe focus on the human factor?

The things that make us all alike.

The blood that pumps through us.

The air we breathe.

The innate love of family.

The things that make us all part of the same group.

The most important group.

The group of human beings.

If I were blind, I would not see the difference in appearance.

If I were deaf, I would not hear the difference in accent or language.

If I were a child, I would not know what party affiliation or sexual preference meant.

Why then do we seek out a reason to exclude or segregate?

For me, I look for the sameness.

Even in the most diverse community of people, I am able to find sameness.






These are all things I can find in common with another.

All I have to do is look beyond the veil of difference.

Seek out the truths in commonalities.

Let go of prejudice.

Welcome to My Utopia.


©2022 Brooke Lee

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