4.5 Stars for I Am The Muse Poet

I was literally just brought to tears by the kind words in this review of I AM The Muse Poet. It’s wonderful when I get a great review of my novels, but when someone gives praise to my poetry it’s like validation for my soul. Thank you to Rebecca of SSBB.

Sassy Southern Book Blog rated it it was amazing
4.5 stars
This book is a series of poems written by the author as she is writing as one of her characters, Shelby James.

The poems are divided into three sections, each relating to a different stage that Shelby was going through in her life.

I absolutely loved the poems, some resonating deeper with me than others but the writing itself is beautiful.

I loved Valentines Promise with a new love and the promise of a relationship and the poem Torture dealt with the pain of losing someone. While the poem Sugar & Spice was a naughty poem that was hot!

One of the poems that resonated that deepest for me personally was For Once in My Life because as a single mom I often wonder if I will find love and that second chance to bring someone special into my life.

Another one that was great was Believe in Me as it dealt with self-reflection and that I need to believe in myself before anything else.

These were such beautiful poems and I look forward to reading more from this author.

By Rebecca

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