Debut Novel: I Am Shelby (Beauty in the Darkness)

Book: I Am ShelbyJames
(Beauty in the Darkness)
Genre: Erotica – F/F – M/F – Poetry
Release: April 1, 2016
Author: Brooke Lee

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I am Shelby James – self-loathing poet and artist, daughter, sister, best friend, and bisexual commitment-phobe. My life has been a lackluster existence. The only constant bright spot in my life is my best friend, my soul-mate, Veronica “Roni” Monroe.

For years, I have given into my lust for both men and women, but now, at the age of thirty-two, I realize I need more than a just good booty call.

I need more.

While on my search for “more”, I find much more than I bargained for. This time, giving into my urges may destroy everything good in my life.

Follow me on my journey to find my happiness. To find the real me. To find the beauty in the darkness.

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***Warning: This excerpt contains graphic language and scenes of a highly sexual nature.

Roni just smiles and nods. Shwew, I think I have satisfied her quizzical nature. Now, to move on to more spicy topics – her night with Kyle first and foremost.

“You look like you are about to burst at the seams. Are you going to share your details? Inquiring minds want to know.”
She’s as excited as a schoolgirl talking about her first date; it’s kind of cute but extremely annoying at the same time.

“You saw us at the beach; he was sooo good, Shel. I mean, he really knows how to work his tool and apparently my body.” She takes another bite of her prosciutto and mozzarella, before taking a sip of wine.

I can feel the smirk form on my lips. “Fuck, I knew you were working it for our benefit. You are such a fucking tease.” I laugh and take a sip of my wine. “You two were killing me. Riley got so hard and hot he stripped and took a dip in the water, while I sat there watching him and listening to you get fucked. I couldn’t take it. I had to, um… never mind.”

“Don’t never mind me. You what?” She swats at my arms in a fit of irritation.

“You guys fucking worked me into a frenzy. And I ah, yeah, I played with myself as I watched and listened. It was hot as shit.

Then Riley came out of the water, stood watching me and never touched me. Well, he did kiss me, as my fingers were buried deep in my pussy. It. Was. FUCK HOT!”

Roni is looking at me with what almost looks like lust in her eyes.

“Shit, Shelby. That is sexy as hell. Damn, I wish I’d seen that.”

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