Unlearned Lessons

Self doubt…
It’s a cruel bitch.

She sneaks in and strangles me.
Sucking whatever is good from me.
She leaves me a shell of a person.
Quivering in my skin,
questioning my very existence.

Why do I let her torture me?

There is no easy answer.
Or, maybe there is?

I never feel…
Good enough
Strong enough
Pretty enough
Smart enough
Funny enough
I just dont feel…

That’s a lie…
I feel too much!

But the thing is,
I feel the wrong things.
I shame myself for my appearance.
I loathe myself for my behaviors.
I condemn myself for my reactions to things beyond my control.
I feel alone.

It’s not the world doing this to me,
It’s me.

When will I learn to be enough for me?

©2019 Brooke Lee

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