Deep Sleep

 Sleep … It’s what you need right now. Not too long. Not too deep. Just enough to heal, But While you sleep… Hear the whispers. Feel the love. Hold on to our voices, We will guide your way back. Back to love. Friendship. Family. Feel our strength, Willing you back to us. While you sleep... Continue Reading →


  Pollyanna Naïve Unrealistic Words all used to describe my utopian views. We are looking for inclusion and yet we focus on diversity. This seems paradoxical to me. How can you have true inclusion, if you are focused on differences rather than commonalities? Shouldn’t we start from a place of sameness? Maybe focus on the... Continue Reading →

Farewell old Friend
(For Keary)

A part of my heart was shattered today. No, that's not right, it broke all those years ago. Why did we stop talking? It doesn't matter, the point is we did. Today, you would have turned 50. Why were you taken far too young? It doesn't matter, the point is you're gone. My heart aches... Continue Reading →


The cracks are painted over,hiding the damagefrom years of neglect.They should have repaired itlong ago.Instead, they left it to rot.Decaying in the humid air,leaving only a shell of its former self.A mere shadow of what it once was.Strong.Powerful.Resolute.Now… it’s nothing!Dust particles,left in a pile on the sill.Why didn’t you fix it?I wonder.Was the time you... Continue Reading →

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