Yellow and blue White and green Colors fading Flowers wilting The water Once fresh and clean Now stinks of rot and decay Gone is the delicate scent of summer © 2019 Brooke Lee

The Man in the Moon

Before the dawn, it was just us. Me and the Man in moon. Together we wait. We wait for the sun to greet the day. We wait for the world to wake. Together we dance. Me in my seat to the music playing in my ear buds. The man in the moon dances in the... Continue Reading →

Chaos of Morning

There's a storm rolling in. It's threatening my sunrise. An angry growl echoes around me, warning me to seek cover. I don't listen. Instead... I walk towards the flashes of light. Into the gusts blowing off the ocean. Looking for my perfect morning. I'm alone on the beach. No one around but me, save a... Continue Reading →

Making Memories is Live!!

For just $2.99 (The cost of a Starbucks Coffee) you can own this book from these 6 Amazing Authors. Each story has been donated by the author, editing and formatting donated by skilled professionals, to enable that 100% of the proceeds of this anthology goes to The American Cancer Society Research for Breast and Ovarian... Continue Reading →

Everything Dies

Everything dies. From the family pet to your last regret and all things in between. There is a beginning and an end, everything dies. Sadness pools in my heart but still the world spins. Why does love have to hurt? Everything dies. Golden eyes dimmed forever my precious girl gone. Your memory is all I... Continue Reading →


I wish I could capture the beauty that I see, the colors and lights, the flowers and the trees. I wish I could share the beauty with you, the sparkle and shine of the sun, stars and moon. I wish you could see the beauty I do, it would be the purest gift so honest... Continue Reading →

Fallen Angel

Fallen angel Do not cry Your wings will mend You'll once again fly So dry your tears Look to the skies The strength you seek shines through your eyes Fallen angel Do not cry Within your soul The answers lie. ©2019 Brooke Lee

Morning Rush

Toes flared Body tense Voice inaudible A morning rush Legs stretched Muscles clenched Eyes tightly shut A morning rush Convulsions begin Waves of pleasure Rip through me I am soaring A morning rush! ©2018 Brooke Lee

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