No Reset

They just went to waste some time, Have lunch, Buy some shoes. They end up running for their lives. Huddled behind an overflowing dumpster. Fearful that the faces of strangers would be the last faces they'd ever see. A benign trip to the mall was on the agenda. Instead... What they got was an invitation... Continue Reading →


You ever have that feeling of uncertainty? Kinda like you know there is something there, hiding behind the mundane, buried in the confusion, just trying to break through the cloudy darkness that is your mind? That’s me these days. I want to write. I want to tell my stories, but I can’t. The voices have... Continue Reading →

Making Memories is Live!!

For just $2.99 (The cost of a Starbucks Coffee) you can own this book from these 6 Amazing Authors. Each story has been donated by the author, editing and formatting donated by skilled professionals, to enable that 100% of the proceeds of this anthology goes to The American Cancer Society Research for Breast and Ovarian... Continue Reading →

Everything Dies

Everything dies. From the family pet to your last regret and all things in between. There is a beginning and an end, everything dies. Sadness pools in my heart but still the world spins. Why does love have to hurt? Everything dies. Golden eyes dimmed forever my precious girl gone. Your memory is all I... Continue Reading →

Fade to Black

Blue turns to grayGray fades to blackMy mood is speeding downthe rails of life's broken trackNo matter what I hearNo matter what you sayNothing can change the blackto blue or even gray©2018 Brooke Lee

Stuck in my Head

Stuck...I'm paralyzed,unable to break free of the fear.It consumes me.Stuck...I have words that want to escape.Ideas that won't take hold.Thoughts without an ending.Stuck...Try though I might,nothing quiets the doubt.The voices are too loud.I'm stuck in my head.I will break free.I have to.©2018 Brooke Lee

Fear Inside

My brain can't functionthere's too much commotion.I want to drown out the voices,extinguish the fear.You say dont worry,it will be fine.To believe you is to hope,to reach deep inside.To find the strength to beat thisI need to scream and cry.©2018 Brooke Lee


(written in the voice of the survivors of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, Florida. I stand with you for change. #NeverAgain) Ringing in my ears... It won't go away. I shake my head and... Nothing! The sound is still there. It's the shrill screams of the fallen. The shattering of glass. The... Continue Reading →

What is in your heart, that brings you to evil? Is your soul black and shriveled? Why bring your anger to hurt the innocent? I don't understand. Were you bullied? Mistreated? Ignored? Did you hear the call of the demons commanding you rock exact revenge on humanity? Was there something in your past to hurt... Continue Reading →

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