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Chapter 1 Roni I can still remember the feeling of the wind catching my hand as I held it out of the car window. For a brief moment, I could keep my hand steady, but then the force of the speeding air would carry it up and away from my intended position. It was as... Continue Reading →

I Love You, Mommy

Words are my gift my therapy my life my love Words can heal my wounds express my emotions free my soul fill my heart Words did take away my hope destroy my future kill my dreams break my heart But nothing compares to the emptiness I feel knowing I will never hear those four little... Continue Reading →

Getting to know Kyle

Reflecting Roni Beauty in the Darkness, bk 3 © 2017 Brooke Lee Chapter 12.5 Kyle I know my little outburst in the garage scared Roni, but it couldn’t be helped. Listening to what that prick did to her and Shelby was more than I could take. I don’t think I will ever get the images... Continue Reading →

🍷Reflecting Roni is LIVE🍷

Reflecting Roni Beauty in the Darkness book 3 By Brooke Lee Genre: Erotic Suspense Release Date: May 27, 2017 Buy on Reflecting Roni Amazon Find on Goodreads ~Blurb~ Mistakes Bad Choices Too trusting These are all words that describe the old me. The mistakes I made over a decade ago still haunt my subconscious. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Her Trust

In the shadow of building, No one else around. In the cover of the moonlight, The night our lives were bound. Her sad eyes spoke to me, Pleading for my affection. Taking what she gave to me was never my intention. Never had she vered this way, Never straying from her path. Her quiet beauty... Continue Reading →

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