4.5 Stars for I Am The Muse Poet

I was literally just brought to tears by the kind words in this review of I AM The Muse Poet. It's wonderful when I get a great review of my novels, but when someone gives praise to my poetry it's like validation for my soul. Thank you to Rebecca of SSBB. Sassy Southern Book Blog┬árated... Continue Reading →


  The sound of the gun shots Overpowered the music The trembling of bodies Rivaled the thump of the bass The fear in the air Out weighed the excitement of the night No reason will make sense No words can change the events Hate was the impetus Hate brought on by ignorance Hate of what... Continue Reading →

My Vow

I am not perfect,  nor do I pretend to be. I am not easy,  and I never will be. I have done things that were hurtful,  shameful  and regretful and that is my cross to bare. Never have I meant to hurt you,  although I'm sure I have. Never have I wanted to anger you, ... Continue Reading →

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