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Chapter 1 Roni I can still remember the feeling of the wind catching my hand as I held it out of the car window. For a brief moment, I could keep my hand steady, but then the force of the speeding air would carry it up and away from my intended position. It was as... Continue Reading →

Getting to know Kyle

Reflecting Roni Beauty in the Darkness, bk 3 © 2017 Brooke Lee Chapter 12.5 Kyle I know my little outburst in the garage scared Roni, but it couldn’t be helped. Listening to what that prick did to her and Shelby was more than I could take. I don’t think I will ever get the images... Continue Reading →


In case you were wondering what #TOTKO means... the answer is in chapter 3 of I AM ShelbyJames. Here's  an excerpt from I Am ShelbyJames (Beauty in the Darkness) >In her ear I whisper, ever so calmly, “Roni, we have been friends for what seems an eternity, and I have always let you out Alpha... Continue Reading →

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