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For just $2.99 (The cost of a Starbucks Coffee) you can own this book from these 6 Amazing Authors. Each story has been donated by the author, editing and formatting donated by skilled professionals, to enable that 100% of the proceeds of this anthology goes to The American Cancer Society Research for Breast and Ovarian Cancer. The more books we sell the bigger the Donation. Click the link and get your copy today.
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Featured authors: Rose C. Carole, Virginia Lee Johnson, Becca Jameson, A.L. Long, Brooke Lee and S. L. Carpenter (Scott Carpenter)

“Keys To Happiness” is my story- just 1 of 6 great stories in Making Memories Anthology.

Who says you can’t go back?

As a young man, I found my happiness in the Florida Keys. Now, after years of living the American dream with my wife and kids, life took a turn and it’s time for me to, once again, find my happiness.

A road trip lead me back to the one place I knew I’d find myself. My smile. The place I first learned how to love. The place I gave my heart away.

Though many years have past, Key West still holds the secret to my smile. A well kept secret that may end up breaking me.

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