Not all Rag Dolls are tossed aside…

Rag Doll

A Slight of Man Novel
By Brooke Lee ©2018
Release date: 7/7/18

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Not all bikers are outlaws.
Not all dads are heros.
Not all truths are reality.
Not all Rag Dolls are tossed aside.


It’s been about 6 months in the making, but Rag Doll is finally here! In three short weeks, Rag Doll, A Slight of Man Novel will hit the shelves of all of your favorite on-line retailers and I have to tell you… I am so excited for you all to read this book! When I started writing it I had no idea where I was going with it, but I knew this one would be different.

What’s RAG DOLL about??

Rag Doll is the story of Andrea “Andi” Sloane. She had a less than normal upbringing. You see, her dad was a “biker” and she grew up in that world. A world she left behind, just like her dad left her and he family behind.

After his death, she is drawn back into his world through a series of secrets and revelations. The best part of returning to her past, is the reunion with her childhood crush, the sexy Dallas Milburn. Yeah, he rides, has long hair and ink, but he is not the stereotypical biker. Andi quickly learns not to judge a book by its cover.

When Andi’s world flips upside down, and all hell breaks loose, Dallas and the men her dad called friends are the ones she turns to. But, who will be the one to save her?

Find out on July 7th when Rag Doll hits the virtual book shelves.


The day I buried my dad, my world changed forever.
Not because of his death, because of his life.
Most people inherit money, property or even family heirlooms.
Me? I inherited his secrets.

And his enemies.

Reuniting with Dad’s old biker friends was the start of my nightmare,
but it also lead me to him. Dallas Milburn, my brother’s best friend
and my childhood crush. He may look like a bad-ass biker,
but I’m slowly learning that he’s more than his image.

With a watcher on my tail, my brother out of sight,
and Dallas in my bed, I’m a prime target for the Slight of Man.

Like the old adage says, never judge a book by its cover.

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