Life is to Live

A friend once asked
when do we live?
Not merely exist, but truly live?
I smiled to myself,
Knowing I have the words for
An answer to give.

We live in the small moments of life
that make us smile.
We live in the times
between contentment and hard trials.
We live life for today
while reaching for tomorrow.
We live for the joy
while burying the sorrow.

I remind my friend
of the life she’s lived.
The lifes she’s birthed.
The love she’s had to give.

While living our lives
day in and out,
Monotony sets in creating doubt.
We are blind to the wonders of
the lives we lead.
We never stop to see
the forest for the trees.

The answer you seek is lying within,
We live for the
The laughter
The sin.

©2018 Brooke Lee

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