(written in the voice of the survivors of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, Florida. I stand with you for change. #NeverAgain)

Ringing in my ears…

It won’t go away.

I shake my head and…


The sound is still there.

It’s the shrill screams of the fallen.

The shattering of glass.

The thud of bodies hitting the floor.

I close my eyes and…


I can still hear the blast of the gun.

Feel the heat of the fear rising through me.

See the despair in the eyes of my peers.

Sleep doesn’t take away the nightmares,

It only makes them stronger.

Well wishes offer no comfort,

They only serve to remind me you know nothing of the horrors I’ve witnessed.

I whisper into the night…

Please hear my plea…

Save my generation from extinction.

©2018 Brooke Lee

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