Perfect Love

(A Valentine for my husband)

I watched you sleep, your eyes twitching with your dreams.

A warm calm washed over me, knowing it would be you, next to me, always.

Perfect love is not about flowers and big gestures. It’s about this…

Appreciating the quite together

Seeing your faults and accepting them and knowing you accept mine.

You cooked me dinner and did the dishes.

It was not out of a love of the tasks, it was for me. To lessen the stress of my day.

A smile broke out on my face, knowing you cared enough to take the weight off my shoulders.

Perfect love is not about sex and desire it’s about this…

Knowing when to make a move or when to allow me space.

Loving the intamacy of simply holding hands or cuddling on the couch.

You took me with vigor. Giving me pleasure only you can.

My body became one with yours. Reveling in the oneness that is us.

Perfect love is not about fairy tales, it’s about this…

Seeing you, feeling you and hearing, not with my physical senses, but with my heart and soul.

Perfect love is knowing that before you I was merely me. With you I am us. Part of something special. Half of a whole.

Perfect love is knowing the good times will over power the bad.

Perfect love is what I have with you.

© 2018 Brooke Lee

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