The Night the Music Died

Bits of metal flew
through the night sky
Falling to the earth
and quieting the music

The strum of guitars
was replaced by
the screams of the crowd
Keeping time to the beating of
feet running in search of safety.

As the tears began to fall
they followed the blood
tinting the grass

People cried out in pain
Pain from injuries unattended
Pain from love forever ended

The city was brought to its knees
Choked by fear and anger
The country woke to the reports
The images of carnage and loss
Tallys of the dead and the injured

My own anger sufficated me
An incomprehensible ache tore through my heart
My spirit broken by the evil

The dead will be mourned
The injuried will recover
And life will go on
But never will we forget
The night the music died.

©2017 Brooke Lee

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