As the water cascaded down my body
Warming my flesh
Soothing my aching muscles
I closed my eyes
Enjoying the steady stream of water
Pass over my shoulders
Run down my back
In that moment I felt your touch
Your fingers in my hair
Your kiss on my neck
Your hands capturing
My breast
My sex
The sensation of your body
Hard and wanton
Pressed to my back
The comfort of your arms
Wrapped around me
Encasing me in your desire
As my need for you grew
Your shaft lengthened
Begging entrance to my sex
As your hand slid to the small of my back
I leaned forward
Bracing myself for you
Giving in to your touch
With one thrust of your hips
My body
Arched in pleasure
Shook in anticipation
Became one with you
Your hand on my hip
Pulling me to you
Steadying my stance
Keeping the rhythm
I felt myself
And then exploding in bliss
My eyes opened
And there I stood alone in my shower
With only the desire for you to comfort me

*Copyright 2016 Brooke Lee

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