5.0 out of 5 stars, Great read

Reading this 5 star review of I Am ShelbyJames, Beauty in the Darkness book 1, makes my heart happy. I love that she gets it!

“First I must say I won a free e-copy of this book from author Brooke Lee with no promises of anything in return. The author tackles the difficult and sometimes taboo subject of bi-sexuality and does a wonderful job of it. The use of art and poetry as an outlet that the main character Shelby uses to help deal with her emotions, insecurities and bouts of depression that plaque her is awesome and easy to relate to. Even though this book could fall in the erotic category because of the hot, steamy sex scenes there is a really good plot about a struggling artist learning to love herself and except the love of others. I recommend this book to anyone over 18 and can’t wait to read more from this author.”

Victoria’s 5 star Amazon Review

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