In case you were wondering what #TOTKO means… the answer is in chapter 3 of I AM ShelbyJames.

Here’s  an excerpt from I Am ShelbyJames (Beauty in the Darkness)

>In her ear I whisper, ever so calmly, “Roni, we have been friends for what seems an eternity, and I have always let you out Alpha bitch me, but not this time. I am in control here, and you will bend to me.”

Roni relaxes her body, turns her head and while giggling she manages to slur out, “Why the fuck aren’t you a dude? If only you had a dick, you would fucking be perfect!”

I can’t help but laugh at this. We have said this to each other for years, but now our theory is going to be put to the test. The only response I have for Roni at this moment is “TOTKO babe, TOTKO!”

In the business world, we deal in acronyms all the time, and as a mocking gesture to the grown up world, Roni and I have developed a few of our own, with TOTKO being our favorite, (Takes One To Know One).

I kiss the nape of her neck and retreat to the opposite side of the ever-shrinking cage, staring at her with the hunger of a predator.

copyright 2015 Brooke Lee

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