⚫2nd Annual Keith Milano Memorial Fund⚫ @MilanoFund


The Keith Milano Memorial Fund was established to help raise awareness about the devastating and deadly disease that is Mental Illness.

Keith’s spirit and laughter is kept alive through our efforts to increase awareness about mental illness and to raise money for education and imperative research. Keith often struggled with society’s perception of mental illness. Our hope is that by having the strength to say that Keith was “Bipolar” we can strip away the stigma and help others to be more open about their disease.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is the only national not-forprofit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research and education, and to reaching out to people with mood disorders and those affected by suicide.

Keith Milano Memorial Fund
website: www.keithmilano.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keithamilano
Twitter: @MilanoFund


Second Annual Keith Milano Memorial Fund Auction Item Links

Item #1 34 Paperbacks from Nicole Edwards’ Library of books! http://bit.ly/NE34Auction

Item #2: Four (4) SIGNED PERSONALIZED PAPERBACK SET: The Legal Briefs Series by Emma Chase  http://bit.ly/EChase


Item #4 Eight (8) Paperbacks from Kindle Alexander http://bit.ly/KAset

Item #5 ONE (1) PERSONALIZED, SIGNED Paperback by Sawyer Bennett http://bit.ly/SignedSB

Item #6 A signed set of Paperback books: Stage Dive Series by Kylie Scott http://bit.ly/SPStageDive

Item #7 Five (5) Paperbacks by Nicole Edwards Open International http://bit.ly/5NEdwards

Item #8 Signed Paperback set of The Harper Boys series by Ginger Scott http://bit.ly/GScottKMMF

Item #9 KINDLE FIRE and TWO (2) PERSONALIZED, SIGNED Paperbacks by Laura Ward http://bit.ly/KindleFireKMMF

Item #10 Three (3) SIGNED Paperback set from NY Time Bestselling Author, Penelope Ward http://bit.ly/PWardKMMF

Item #11 Three (3) SIGNED Paperbacks: ONE TO HOLD Box Set by Tia Louise http://bit.ly/TiaKMMF

Item #12 THREE (3) PERSONALIZED Paperback Set: The Archer Brothers by Heidi McLaughlin (One signed by Cover Model BT Urruela) http://bit.ly/HeidiKMMF

Item #13 SIGNED PERSONALIZED PAPERBACK by Michelle Lynn and Nevaeh Lee + $10 AMAZON GIFT CARD http://bit.ly/CollKMMF

Item #14 SIGNED PAPERBACK, Searching for Perfect by Jennifer Probst, with SWAG http://bit.ly/ProbstKMMF Donor: Lisa Ann Sanders

Item #15 NINE (9) SIGNED PAPERBACKS: COMPLETE SET by author MIA SHERIDAN http://bit.ly/MiasetKMMF

Item #16 Four (4) Signed Paperbacks by Eden Butler with Swag http://bit.ly/ButlerKMMF

Item #17 THREE (3) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: Happy Crazy Love series by Melanie Harlow http://bit.ly/HarlowKMMF

Item #18 THREE (3) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: At War Trilogy by Andria Large with Swag-filled Tote http://bit.ly/LargeKMMF

Item #19 Six (6) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: Dare to Love series by Carly Phillips with Swag http://bit.ly/CarlyKMMF

Item #20 THREE (3) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: NY Dares series by Carly Phillips with Swag http://bit.ly/CarlyPKMMF

Item #21 FOUR (4) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: Gateway to Love Series by Chloe T. Barlow http://bit.ly/BarlowKMMF

Item #22 TWO (2) PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: Beneath Series by Tori Madison http://bit.ly/ToriKMMF

Item #23 NINE (9) PAPERBACK SET: Beautiful series by Christina Lauren http://bit.ly/BBKMMF

Item #24 FOUR (4) PAPERBACK SET: Wild Season series by Christina Lauren http://bit.ly/WSCLKMMF

Item #25 TWO (2) HARDCOVER YA BOOKS by author Christina Lauren “The House” & “Sublime” http://bit.ly/YACLKMMK

Item #26 NINE (9) PERSONALIZED, SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: Seals of Protection by Susan Stoker  http://bit.ly/1VbDAKG

Item #27 FOUR (4) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: The Blackstone Affair by Raine Miller http://bit.ly/BlackstoneKMMF

Item #28 THREE (3) PERSONALIZED, SIGNED PAPERBACKS by Tina Reber http://bit.ly/ReberKMMF

Item #29 SIGNED PAPERBACK: The Ground Rules by Roya Carmen with Butterfly pin http://bit.ly/RoyaKMMF

Item #30 SIGNED PAPERBACK: The Baller by Vi Keeland http://bit.ly/BallerKMMF

Item #31 TWO (2) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: Crossroads series by Riley Hart http://bit.ly/HartKMMF

Item #32 THREE (3) PERSONALIZED PAPERBACK SET: Belladonna Agency Series, $10 GC, Swag from Virna DePaul http://bit.ly/DePaulKMMF

Item #33 SIX (6) PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: The Stone Society by Faith Gibson http://bit.ly/GibsonKMMF

Item #34 THREE (3) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: Uncovering Love series by Kacey Shea http://bit.ly/SheaKMMF

Item #35 PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACK, Hell’s Flower by Jen Cousineau & S.L. Schiefer http://bit.ly/HKKMMF

Item #36 PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACK: Stripped Raw by Prescott Lane http://bit.ly/LaneKMMF

Item# 37 SIGNED PAPERBACK: Taking Shots by Toni Aleo http://bit.ly/ToniKMMF

Item# 38 TWO (2) PERSONALIZED SIGNED SET: La Flor Series by ML Rodriguez http://bit.ly/1SFqeCM

Item# 39 SIGNED PAPERBACK: The Perfect Someday by Beverly Preston http://bit.ly/BPreston

Item# 40 FOUR (4) PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACKS by Nicola Haken http://bit.ly/MHakenKMMF

Item# 41 SIGNED PAPERBACK: Letting Go by Jennifer Foor http://bit.ly/FoorKMMF

Item# 42 PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACK: Collared by Nicole Williams http://bit.ly/WilliamsKMMF

Item# 43 SIGNED PAPERBACK: I Am Shelby James by Brooke Lee PLUS Swag http://bit.ly/LeeKMMF

Item# 44 THREE (3) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: ORIGINAL Love Brothers Trilogy by Liz Crowe http://bit.ly/CroweKMMF

Item# 45 THREE (3) PAPERBACK SET: The Breakfast Club series by Felice Stevens http://bit.ly/FSKMMF

Item# 46 TWO (2) PERSONALIZED SIGNED SET: Soul Series by Kennedy Ryan http://bit.ly/KRyanKMMF

Item# 47 PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACK of Forgetting August by J.L. Berg http://bit.ly/BergKMMF

Item# 48 THREE (3) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: The Bellator Saga by Cecilia London http://bit.ly/LondonKMMF

Item# 49 TWO (2) PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACKS by K.A. Tucker http://bit.ly/TuckerKMMF

Item# 50 SIGNED PAPERBACK of A Stone in the Sea by A.L. Jackson http://bit.ly/ALKMMF

Item# 51 THREE (3) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: The Ruin Trio Set by Rachel Van Dyken http://bit.ly/RvDKMMF

Item# 52 TWO (2) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: OFF LIMIT Series by Elizabeth Brown http://bit.ly/BrownKMMF

Item# 53 TWO (2) PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: The Nine Minutes Trilogy by Beth Flynn http://bit.ly/FlynnKMMF

Item# 54 SIGNED PAPERBACK of BEND signed by all EIGHT authors! http://bit.ly/BENDKMMF  Andrea Smith

Item# 55 SIGNED PAPERBACK of Black Balled by Andrea Smith and Eva LeNoir http://bit.ly/BlackBKMMF

Item# 56 FOUR (4) PAPERBACK SET: G-Man Series by Andrea Smith http://bit.ly/SmithKKMF

Item# 57 TWO (2) SIGNED PAPERBACK SET: The September Series by Andrea Smith http://bit.ly/SeptKMMF

Item# 58 THREE (3) SIGNED PAPERBACKS by Rachel Higginson plus $30 Amazon Gift Card http://bit.ly/HggKMMF

Item #59 PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACK of Disheveled by Eva LeNoir http://bit.ly/1TnMChp

Item #60 TWO (2) PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACKS by Eva LeNoir and Andrea Smith http://bit.ly/1W902El

Item #61 BASKET #1: Kristen Borden, Bree McKennedy, Celia Aaron, Sloane Howell, Addison Kline http://bit.ly/Basket1KMMF

Item #62 BASKET #2 Kristina Borden, Bree McKennedy, Celia Aaron, Sloane Howell, Magan Vernon http://bit.ly/basket2KMMF

Item #63 BASKET #3: Kristina Borden, Celia Aaron, & Sloane Howell http://bit.ly/basket3KMMF

Item #64 BASKET #4: Kristina Borden, Celia Aaron, Sloane Howell & Mercy Brown http://bit.ly/basket4KMMF

Item #65 BASKET #5 Kristina Borden, Celia Aaron & Sloane Howell http://bit.ly/basket5KMMF

Item#66 BASKET #6 Kristina Borden, J Richards & Garret Leigh http://bit.ly/basket6KMMF

Item #67 BASKET #7: (Paranormal/Fantasy) Setta Jay and Patricia Leever http://bit.ly/baskt7KMMF

Item #68 BASKET #8 (Paranormal/Fantasy) Lucy Fenton & M.V. Freeman http://bit.ly/basket8KMMF

Item #69 BASKET # 9 Autumn Jones Lake, Stacey Kennedy, Morgan & Jennifer Locklear, Jennifer Lane, & Sandra Wright http://bit.ly/basket9KMMF

Item #70 SIGNED PAPERBACK of Abruption by Riley Mackenzie http://bit.ly/RileyMacKMMF

Item #71 SIGNED PAPERBACK of The Chronicles of Moxie by Z.B. Heller http://bit.ly/HellerKMMF

Item #72 BASKET #10 E-BOOK by Claudia Conner, 2 PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACKS by Josie Wright http://bit.ly/basket10KMMF

Item #73 AUTHOR EDITING SERVICES from Hourglass Editing (Anja Pfister) http://bit.ly/editingKMMF

Item #74 PERSONALIZED SIGNED PAPERBACK of The Contract by Melanie Moreland http://bit.ly/MorelandKMMF

Item #75 SIGNED PAPERBACK of Uncontrollable Temptation by Janine Infante Bosco http://bit.ly/JanineKMMF

Item #76 SIGNED PAPERBACK of A Lover’s Lament signed by both authors, K.L. Grayson and BT Urruela http://bit.ly/ALLKMMF

Donors/authors/autographers with more than one link
Nicole Edwards, #1, #7
Carly Phillips, #19, #20
Christina Lauren, #23, #24, #25
Andrea Smith, #54, #55, #56, #60
Eva LeNoir, #55, #59, #60
Kristen Borden, #61 to #66
Bree McKennedy, #61, #62
Celia Aaron, #61 to #65
Sloane Howell, #61 to #65
BT Urruela, #12, #76


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